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Moto Tour «Grigoriev gorge - Ananevo»

One day trip

Kyrgyzstan is a country of high mountains, fast rivers and clear lakes. Most of the territory is occupied by the Pamir-Alai and Tien Shan mountain ranges, between which the most beautiful green valleys are hidden. One of the most picturesque places of the southern Issyk-Kul is the Grigoryevsky gorge.

Along the valley of the Chong AK-Suu river in Grigorevsky gorge is a dirt road which sometimes can be reached only by car. Especially difficult is the road at the intersection with the crystal clear mountain river. The length of the gorge is about 35 kilometers. After 10 km after the start of the path through a narrow gorge, the mountains are parted and at an altitude of 2200 meters open spaces of Alpine meadows...