Issyk-Kul Moto Tour

We provide you: the fans of extreme recreation and vivid impressions, the opportunity to visit the famous tourist places of the Issyk-Kul region (Altyn Arashan, Jeti-Oguz, Inylchek, Temirlan stones). And also newly opened tourist routes : the Jargalan river and foothills South of Issyk-Kul lake. A tour on a motorcycle to these places will leave unforgettable impressions on your journey...

Jeep Tours

There are such people who get bored with the usual “seals rest" on the lake, and even sightseeing tours of the sights. Give them something sort, from which the heart goes to the heels, and the body shakes from adrenaline. In a word, extreme. They are suitable for such an interesting pastime as jeeping. This is such a tourism, impressions from which you will never forget...


We try to approach each of our clients individually, therefore we provide the opportunity to develop personalized routes. Depending on the preparation and weather conditions, we can complicate or ease the elements of your route, thereby making it more memorable and safe. We provide the opportunity, depending on the personal wishes of the client, to make a deviation from the standard route or combining routes by prior agreement. We also provide the possibility of hourly payment, if your journey is limited in time. You have a unique opportunity in our region to increase the level of driving - working with our instructor.

KYRGYZSTAN - Asian pearl
KYRGYZSTAN - Asian pearl

Kyrgyzstan is a country of amazingly beautiful landscapes. Traveling on a motorcycle on it - this is one of the most exciting ways to see our country in all its diversity. We offer extreme driving on dirt roads and off-road on enduro-motorcycles. This adventure will be unforgettable....

  •   Motorcycle rental 100$ USD per day for day tours
  •   Guide service 100$ USA from the whole group
  •   Mandatory maintenance of the group by a guide-instructor (extra charge)
  •   Independent payment of expenses not listed in the program
  •   Experience riding a motorcycle enduro on different surfaces
  •   The driver is responsible for paying for the repair of the motorcycle as a result of a fall or collision (specified in the rental agreement)...

The climate in Kyrgyzstan is sharply continental, so we recommend taking with you:

  •   Warm waterproof jacket, pants.
  •   Thermal underwear
  •   Warm hat
  •   Footwear corresponding to the event
  •   Gloves
  •   Protective gear (for body)
  •   Backpack...